Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Zman Simchaseinu

Well, the weather outside is frightful, and it looks like my family and I have a good chance of being rained out of our Sukkah once again this year. Our Sukkah is up, merely waiting to be decorated, and I'm trying desperately to get all my school assignments done before the chag so that I'm not even tempted to work over chol hamoed.

This past Sunday was the one year anniversary of the creation of this blog. Happy (two days late) birthday to it! Last year I wrote two Sukkos-relevant posts which nobody read, since this blog did not yet have an audience. Therefore, I have decided that to post links to them here.

The first post was about chol hamoed--a brief summary of some laws I hadn't really known before.

The second was my thoughts on the reasons for the arbah minim.

Enjoy and Chag Sameach!


the apple said...

Happy blogibirthday!

I went back and read your old posts - they're wonderful. I actually didn't know that typing isn't considered writing (it was never really explained in school, just sort of vaguely alluded to), so I'm very glad I read that! Clears up some worries here.

And I especially liked the idea of bringing the 4 minim together as an extension of yichud Hashem, and achdus of am Yisrael. That's really beautiful and gives the mitzvah so much depth. (Did you ever find the source for that, btw?)

Thanks SJ! Chag sameach!

Scraps said...

Happy belated blogiversary!

It's no fun to get rained (or snowed) out of your sukkah. It happens to my family a lot, too.

Thanks for the links to the old posts! I actually did read them one day when I decided to go poking through your archives, but it's nice cuz now they're inyanei d'yoma again. :)

Have a chag kasher v'sameach!

Erachet said...

Chag sameach and happy blogday! XD

I hope you don't REALLY get rained out of your sukkah! That would be so sad :( I'll have you guys in mind in ours, just in case! You can be like our extra ushpizin!