Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ah, to be 15...

My brother, while walking to shul with me the weekend before I returned to NY:

If I had three wishes, my first wish would be that my life was a musical and we’d just randomly burst into song all the time. Like my life would have a soundtrack. That would be so cool.

My second wish would be that whatever I wanted to buy I’d reach into my pocket and always pull out exact change.


(in a rather bored tone) And my third wish would be something for the good of humanity. Like moshiach or something.


Ezzie said...


Gotta love all three.

In Israel, I had a few friends who basically did the first one: They'd randomly burst out into Disney or musical songs as lines occurred to them that related to whatever was going on. It was awesome. :)

Lizzy said...

look at me and what do you see... i always wished i could live as a musical. oh, and i always wanted moshiach (more than i wanted to live in a musical)

Okee said...

Oh gosh, I would looooove number 1 to be true -I do burst into sound to reflect my inner feelings, just like in a cheesy musical. But I only do it alone, so as not to inflict pain on others:)

But seriously, to be fifteen again...that's super cute!

Danny said...

i am that brother!

the fifteen year old!

good for all of you who randomly burst into song! isn't it fun?
just imagine how it would be like with accompaniment! a blast!

i'm all for moshiach!

p.s. i think its REALLY funny how out of those three wishes the one that is talked about most is the most is the musical.

Scraps said...

Musicals are cool. Bursting into song, that's my kinda life. :)

Exact change all the time would be convenient, but I can live without it. that solves a whole lotta problems. I'm in on that one, too.

the apple said...

I *also* wish that my life had a soundtrack! However, I think I compensate by singing to myself randomly. (And also talking to myself. Hee.)

I have to agree with Scraps, Mashiach would solve a lot of problems.

(But I think my favorite part of the post is the "bored tone" ... hilarious.)

Northern Light said...

I love it. Great post! Wish I was walking with you two ...all the time. That's MY wish. Oh, and that I can remember all the lyrics to the songs... Keep singing!!

jackie said...

You're a wise man, Danny. Even with the cynical tone required of fifteen-year-olds.

Lvnsm27 said...

the musical thing would be really cool

Erachet said...

How can I have missed this post??? I definitely agree with all three - especially #1! Life needs to be a musical!!!

One of my british friends commented after seeing Newsies for the first time that in New York, we must all just burst into song and dance randomly on the street. I gladly confirmed this! :D