Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Weekend in Baby Heaven

This weekend, my aunt and uncle and two little girl cousins who live two states away came to visit us for the first time since my brother’s Bar Mitzvah 1.5 years ago. I had the most loveliest time playing with my 4 and a half year old and 2 year old cousins. I wish I could record all the cute things they said and did, but there were far too many to count. This afternoon, a family friend and her kids came over to play as well…she has a boy who is 6, a girl who is nearly 4, and a 14 month old drop-dead gorgeous baby (and twins on the way!). With all the kids around, I felt like I had died and gone to baby heaven! Mmmm, delicious! I was so tempted to hide one in my suitcase and take it to London with me, but I thought they might stop me at customs for baby smuggling.

Before my family left for the airport just a few minutes ago, my 4.5 year old cousin came over to me and announced with a grave face that she’d miss me a lot. She then asked her Daddy for her phone number, which she recited to me, telling me to call her whenever I miss her.

Why is she so delicious?? I want one!!

Anyway, all the company just left for the airport or their house, respectively, and now my house is quiet once more...and I have to start packing for London! Since I shall be away until next Sunday night, it is likely that you won't hear from me over the coming I hope you have a wonderful week--I know I shall! Toodles!


kasamba said...

They sound YUM!!!

kishmech said...

so how we treating you then? ;-D

adorable kid.

SJ said...

Kas - they are!

kishmech - absolutely lovely--only I wish you could order some sunshine. Do you think you could manage it?

Ezzie said...

Nu, shouldn't you be back in school now?

SJ said...

Ez - Indeed, I'm back in school, and have been all week...I'm also sick, and busy out of my mind. I'm afraid that for right now, real life is going to have to take precedence over my blogging life...but thanks for taking an interest! I'll see if I can get to writing a post sometime in the near future...but no guarantees!

mink said...

Hi mystery lady - happened upon your delightful blog and was tickled to find mention of MY kids! Although it is too late now, please do pack one of them along next time you visit England.... maybe you can save at least one from saying "Toy-rah" and "mezoy-nois" and "ha-oyyyy-lam" as they are taught at their sweet little preschool -- and from correcting mommy when she fails to comply in this matter. Love ya!

P.S. Ah, ah, ah, ah-zeeeeee!

SJ said...

mink - your comment made me smile!

In England they say "HaOlum" and "Turrah" -- would that be better?

Welcome aboard! Love ya too!