Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tata and Cheerio!

Hello old Chaps! This fine, damp evening I am in high spirits, as I shall soon be departing to a far off location to whence I have never before hearkened! Can anyone guess where? And no, I don’t really think they speak like this there! That’s right, Poppets, I’m off to Jolly Old England! And I am quite excited about it too! (In case the overabundance of exclamation points didn’t tip you off already!)

What brings me to visit our stuffy old cousins over there, you ask? Well, first off, I will take great offense to your slanderous appellation—who says English people are stuffy? They have rollicking good fun over there! (I love Brits!) And then I will answer your question—I am going purely for pleasure, which, after all, is the only reason to go anywhere (how Oscar Wilde-ish of me). I have always wanted to pay it a visit, and now life (and my parents) have finally afforded me the opportunity to do so! Not to mention that two of my very favourite people in the world happen to hail from the neighborhood (and that’s not even including Kasamba, one of my very favourite bloggers out there, who, incidentally, is not originally from England anyway!). I shall be imposing upon the hospitality of these two wonderful lovely incredible young ladies, who I was privileged to meet during my (not so) long ago days in sem in the Holy Land, and shall be forcing them not only to endure my company, but to show me around their fair city! I can’t wait!

Of course, the thing that excites me most is the prospect of being entirely surrounded by people with fantastic accents! In fact, I plan to come back with one myself (a fantastic accent, not a person). After all, I’ve always considered myself English at heart…my English friends tell me that I certainly don’t sound like most of the other vulgar Americans with their horrid accents, and I am a fan of Oscar Wilde and P.G. Wodehouse, and I’m quite accustomed to gray, drizzly weather (though I wouldn’t eat Marmite if you paid me, and I don’t drink tea…but disregard those piddling facts for now).

So, you ask yourself, when is this girl going to stop blabbing and leave already? Ha! Well, I’m afraid you are not so lucky, my friend…I’m not leaving till Sunday night! All this is just preparation! Because I am psyched! And what else is a blog for but to vent one’s thoughts and feelings, hmmm?? So, with that deep philosophic question to ponder, I will bid you farewell for now, for I have visiting relatives shortly to descend upon the house. However, worry not, for I shall return!


kasamba said...

I'm so excited!!!!!
You had better come and visit!!!

kasamba said...

E-mail me!!!!

David Lantos said...

How can one not drink tea? That's a bit daft. Tea is really quite splendid!

Have a marvelous and safe holiday!

Shabbat shalom!

Ezzie said...

I seriously recommend visiting Kasamba. Trust me, you won't regret it. (This is hearsay, since I never met her... but still, trust me.)

Safe trip, have fun.

SJ said...

Kasamba - yayy! ok!!!

David - thanks for the warm wishes...but did you just call me daft?

Ezzie - of course I trust you implicitly, and I will do all I can to arrange the visit. :) And thanks!

David Lantos said...

You started it. You said "Poppets".

David Lantos said...

Also, after reading your post on Friday morning, I walked around all day talking to people with a British accent. I blame you for that too.

SJ said...

David - what's wrong with "poppets"? And I'm all for faux British accents-- as long as they're not lousy, in which case the perpetrator should be forced to watch the BBC's 5-hour "Pride and Prejudice" until he/she learns how to do it right!

David Lantos said...

I originally used "daft" just 'cause my goal was to sound really British. My apologies for any offense to sj or the British people. Looks like my attempt at being vaguely funny by sounding British may have failed. :P

Oh MAN... I guess this means I have to watch 5 hours of Pride and Prejudice.

Anyway, no doubt you have far more important things on your mind right now. Have a great time and stay safe! Cheerio!

SJ said...

David - No need to explain yourself. I understood already, and am willing to generously overlook your grievous misdeeds. I recommend watching P & P anyway though. :)