Monday, November 22, 2010

Free Choice

What choice is ever free? There is no such thing. Every choice has a cost. In time, money, energy. In love lost or gained. In hope. In doubt. In the person you are and the person you could have been.

What choice is ever free? Is any choice really your own? Who will you hurt, and how? Who will you help, and how? What opportunities are you relinquishing to make this choice?

What choice is ever free? Are you ever entirely free to choose? Though I may know what I wish, I often cannot choose it. Chained to the spot, I can choose only amongst the limited options that confront me.

A world where choice was free would not be our world, the world we know. This is a world without a vacuum, a world of connections. I am bound to you, though we do not speak; to all my potential selves, though we may never meet.


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