Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A girl, circa 22 yo, brown hair, brown eyes, full of dreams. Passionate, devoted, excited. Able to see potential and a world bright with magic. Overflowing with words.

If found, please return.
Care of: SJ
A box


Ezzie said...

I think I saw that person yesterday, just a little worried and not realizing it's all still there.

Erachet said...

I hung out with her last night and tonight!

Anonymous said...

Came slipping between
The two tall trees at the end of the green.
We all ran up to her. "Emmeline!
Where have you been?
Where have you been?
Why, it's more than a week!" And Emmeline
Said, "Sillies, I went and saw the Queen.
She says my hands are purfickly clean!"

Anonymous2 said...

The brown hair and brown eyes should not be too hard to find.
Passion and excited will follow a devotion to a cause, person, idea, or thing. Before these got lost, what excited you? Where did you find passion? In essence, the question worth answering is in what did you invest your devotion? When you realize what in life is worth your devotion you will be happily surprised by the passion and excitement that will follow. Be sure you are placing the devotion in the appropriate/proper place. Otherwise, the passion and excitement are nothing but lust; a fleeting feeling that will evolve into a mountain of sadness and disappointment.

Look for the potential and you will see it.

Believe in the potential and it will believe in you.

Be the magic you hoped to see.

Speak and the words will flow; write, and they will overflow.

In short, it’s all there. It just takes some proactivity to discover.