Sunday, May 13, 2007

Poetry and Procrastination

My inclination for procrastination has been mentioned in this forum numerous times before. Tonight, in the midst of finals, in manifests itself in the urge to post on my semi-neglected blog. The problem, however, is that I haven’t decided on a topic about which to post. Hmm. I think I shall write a poem…

Finals time comes twice each year
And suddenly Stern girls appear
Laden with notebooks and textbooks and more
Dressed in sweatshirts and skirts to the floor
To sit in the library, the hallway, their rooms
And take a break from seeking out grooms
To read over notes and pore over tomes
With occasional shrieks, exclamations, and groans
But I find my strategy far more compelling
Even though my mind on tests should be dwelling
I instead surf the web, make lists of things to do
Feed cravings with sugar, and observe what ensues
Distract my roommates with accents and antics
Sing random songs till I’ve turned my friends frantic
When they get fed up, I make use of my phone
And good ol’ google chat means I’m never alone
But when I start to think about cleaning my room
I know that I’m desperate, so I put down the broom
I can put off no longer, the time is now here
The time that I’ve so long awaited with fear
With head hanging low I realize with sorrow
It’s two am, and my final is tomorrow
I sit myself down, prop eyes open with hooks
And finally think about hitting the books
But it never lasts long, cuz my head soon starts falling
I know that sound well: it’s my warm, soft bed calling
And when morning arrives I jolt out of sleep
To find I hit snooze seven times and heard nary a beep!
So now I’ve awoken an hour later than planned
I dress, daven, and dash, notes in my hand
I arrive out of breath, and plop down in my chair
Take out my pencil, pull back my hair
But before I begin, in my customary way,
I talk to myself, and this is what I say:
You shall now take this test, and though it shall be graded
Worry not, cuz you know A’s are way overrated!


Ezzie said...

:D Loved this.

jackie said...

A's may be overrated, but they're all you get even with your lovely study habits, so it's all good. :-)

I love the poem! It perfectly describes life right now.

Erachet said...

Awesome. And I have google chat too! We should chat!

Sounds like I have the same study habits as you. And seeing as I'll be home most of the day today without my notes for tomorrow's final (yay Mother's Day)...yeah, I have no idea how I was going to end that sentence. Hehe.

But good luck studying for English! (If you do, indeed, study for English. I should, but somehow I never do. Bad Erachet. Bad--great, now I'm imagining Dobby hitting his head on the wall. I think I need to stop rambling on your blog and go do something productive. Not that rambling on your blog isn't productive, but--you know what I mean. Hee!)

the apple said...

LOVED this! Pretty much describes me, except I try to start at 10 p.m. instead.

Maybe you can submit this for an assignment in an English class . . . it's worked before, no? ;)

Lizzy said...

1. My first reaction was: "yet she still gets an A on the test", but that comment was taken by Jackie, so...
2. I love g-chatting with SJ
3. I'm procrastinating as we speak by sitting the computer lab reading SJ's blog
4. put a stop to searching for husband...riiiight....should have thought about that...

Chana said...

Hehe. I connect to this poem. :D

I have to write my paper...sigh. My poor head. Sigh again.

Moshe said...

Ah yes, another semester coming to an end with the same old routine of procrastination, late nights, and straight "A"s.


SJ said...

Thanks all!

If any of you need an outlet for procrastination, feel free to leave inane/random/ridiculous/profound comments on this post...or look me up in person, and we can play!

Scraps said...

You nearly made me laugh out loud at work! Your study habits remind me of my own, except that for most of my time at Stern I was in Schottenstein so I didn't have actual roommates to entertain. I used to waste inordinate amounts of time online (pretending to do "research" is a good excuse!) and keep crazy hours. Good times, good times... :)

Scraps said...

p.s. You have a talent for poetry. :)